Ricotta tart with figs

September 11, 2018

This wonderfully soft fresh ricotta tart with a layer of figs previously cooked with sugar and some rum is among our favourite desserts, plus it is very easy to make.

The recipe below is an adaptation from a book about Italian regional cooking. I came across it while doing some research on the region of Campania and I just felt that I had to make it. I have changed the proportions slightly to my liking.

*You can use your favourite fruit instead of figs.

You will need a loose bottomed 18-20cm cake tin. Grease the bottom of the tin and layer with the baking parchment.

For the base of the tart:

  • 80-100g of dry biscuits, crushed 
  • 40-50g of melted butter

For the ricotta filling:

  • 500g of fresh ricotta (I like to mix 200g of sheep’s  and 300g of cow’s ricotta)
  • 200ml of whipping cream
  • 60g of caster sugar
  • 1/2 of a gelatine leaf

To prepare the figs:

  • 10 small figs or 8 big ones
  • 50g of caster sugar
  • 2 tablespoons of rum

Start with preparing the figs.  Cut the figs in half (or into four pieces if you prefer), place them in a pan and cover with the sugar and cook them on a low heat until the sugar melts (it should take about 5 minutes). Add the rum and cook until it evaporates. Switch the heat off and let it cool.

In a bowl mix very well crushed biscuits with the butter. Use 2/3 of the mix to spread on the base of the tin creating the first layer.

Now make the ricotta filling. Make sure you get rid of any excess water before you start (by placing it on a strainer for a couple of minutes).

In a separate bowl whip the ricotta with sugar using a whisk. As a result you should get a homogenous and very light textured filling.

Soak the gelatine leaf in cold water for about 5 minutes and in the meantime whip the cream to the consistency of soft peaks.

When the gelatine is ready take it out and squeeze in your hand. Add it to the bowl with the ricotta and stir until well combined.

Once that is done, gently fold the whipped cream into the ricotta paste.

Spread just over a half of the filling on the tart base and even the surface with the back of a tablespoon. Take the figs out from the syrup and arrange them on top as a next layer.

Cover the figs with the remaining part of the filling and also even out its surface.

To finish the tart sprinkle its top with the left over biscuits previously used to create the base.

Leave in the fridge to set for a minimum of 4 hours.

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