Side Dishes

Fagioli all’Uccelletta / White Beans with Sage, Garlic and Tomatoes
White Beans with Sage / Fagioli Bianchi con Salvia
White Peach, Almond and Green Bean Warm Salad
Piselli alla Fiorentina / Fresh Peas alla Fiorentina
Leek, Potato and Parmesan Bake
Celeriac, Chive and Apple Remoulade
Insalata di Rinforzo 
Peperoni in Brusco / Slow Cooked Peppers with Capers and Anchovies
Patate alla Veneziana / Potatoes alla Veneziana
Fennel au gratin
Cicoria Ripassata/Cooked chicory flavoured with garlic and chilli pepper
Slow cooked peppers with capers and black olives