About me

About me

Hai mangiato is a culinary blog that I started writing from our apartment in Rome, next to Piazza del Popolo, which is the entry to the historical part of the Eternal City.

I arrived with the Dégustateur to Italy almost five years ago and it has been an extraordinary journey ever since.

From that moment I have been privileged to be able to understand and appreciate the distinctive regional food culture of Italy. I am lucky enough to be able to travel extensively increasing my gastronomic knowledge, exploring the historical origins of food and its regionality.

On a daily basis I am inspired by the amazing choice and variety of the seasonal produce found in the local markets. At the same time I adore incorporating new ideas, methods and flavour combinations that I’ve had an opportunity to taste.

I am not a trained chef, I am a cook who loves to learn, discover, recreate the local and regional cuisine of Italy in our humble kitchen and reads cook books before falling asleep.

In summer 2020 we moved to Venice, initially something of an idea that turned into reality.

We don’t know yet how long we will live here for, but we are happy to have taken that decision and looking forward to embracing what La Serenissima has to offer.

I am a great believer in the philosophy: “Life is too short to ever have a bad meal”. The quality of ingredients is of crucial importance to me and they should be treated with respect.

I share my time between Venice, London and Poland where I have an arable and cattle farm.

But it is in Italy where I cook the most and where my blog started with the aim to inspire and share my passion.

In Italian: hai mangiato? means: have you eaten? It is the question that I love to ask my friends and relatives.
It is wonderful to cook for other people. By gathering at the same table and sharing the same food, it gives you an opportunity or even an excuse to spend time together, pause, share stories and the moment….